Rocher Deboule Minerals Corp. (TSX.V: RD; OTCQB: RDBHF) reports that the Company has completed 17 HQ diamond drill holes for 9,930 feet (3,027 meters) on its Artillery Mountains Manganese property in Northwestern Arizona.

During the past year the market prices for all the metals have increased dramatically.  Manganese is no exception.  The market price for manganese was US$4,150 per ton (Northern Miner) on March 25, 2008 an increase of 35.2% since the beginning of the year (Northern Miner), and more than trebled (from US$0.68/pound) in November, 2005.  At US$4,150 per ton for electrolytic manganese metal flake product, Manganese sells for US$2.08 per pound.

Rocher has acquired, by staking, 180 lode claims for a total of 3600 acres (1,457 Hectares).  Manganese bearing sedimentary beds are known to exist over much of this area.  Geological mapping by the USGS and the US Bureau of Mines during the latter part of WWII and the early part of the cold war, when manganese was considered a strategic metal, has outlined numerous areas of interest.  Rocher has staked most of these areas.  The drilling just completed has tested two of these areas and has found Manganese in both.

Preliminary research of past metallurgical testing on this property, done in that post war era, indicates that the manganese leaches readily in a vat leach process and as such a high quality electrolytic product can be produced.  Rocher has just completed XRD analysis of the mineralization which indicates that the manganese is contained in an amorphous state called wad.

The resource is situated in shallow dipping sedimentary beds where the terrain would allow open pit mining with a low stripping ratio.

Significant strontium values have been encountered in the drilling.  Strontium is currently trading at US $5,200/metric tonne ($2.36 US/lbs)

Recent assay results of the core and chip channel sampling of the MacGregor pit face are as follows:  Assaying was conducted by ALS Chemex, Carson City, NV.

Nine samples were collected vertically from the pit face of the former MacGregor Mine at 50 meter intervals at 10 foot sampling intervals.

Pit face sampling in the MacGregor Open Pit Mine indicates a weighted average grade of 5.86% Mn.  While the drilling 50 meters in back of the face indicates grades of 4.00% Mn.  The difference is considered to be the result of enrichment by weathering through the removal of clay minerals by rain water washing in the face of the pit.  The pit face has been exposed for more than 50 years.

Drilling in the northern part of the Love’s Camp returned intersections in which the zone is generally narrower and of lower grade than expected.  This indicates that the old Love’s Camp workings are on the northern fringe of the Love Zone.  This is supported by the results of Hole ADH#25 drilled 1.6 kilometers south and east of Love’s camp, where good grades and good widths were encountered.

Mapping and sampling are continuing on the property and metallurgical testing will begin as soon as suitable testing facilities have been identified and metallurgical samples have been prepared.

This press release has been reviewed by Richard Addison, P. Eng., a qualified person under NI 43-101.

About Manganese

Manganese is used in the production of iron and steel.  As the demand for iron and steel rises the demand for manganese rises proportionally.  Worldwide production of manganese alloys reached 11.8 million tonnes in 2006 (up 14% from 2005) with China producing 42% or 4.9 million tonnes.  China is currently looking at measures to control production by increasing export taxes by 10%.  Manganese prices have increased from US $1,225 per tonne to US $4,150 per tonne since December 31, 2006.

About Strontium

Strontium (“Sr”) is a metal with an atomic weight of 87.62 and a melting point of 143°F.  Most of the strontium produced today is used in the manufacture of color television picture tubes, to refine zinc and is combined with iron to make magnets.  Strontium is currently trading at US $2.36/lb (

About Rocher Deboule Minerals Corp.

Rocher Deboule Minerals Corp. is a diversified exploration and development company focusing its attention on mineral properties and commodities used in the steel manufacturing industry.

*Artillery Peak site map will be posted on the Company website by April 18, 2008.

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Larry W. Reaugh
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