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RecycLiCo Battery Materials (“RecycLiCo Battery Materials” or “AMY” or the “Company”), is pleased to introduce the RecycLiCoPatented Process – an innovation of RecycLiCo Battery Materials for recycling cathode materials from spent lithium-ion batteries.

“As pioneers in the advanced lithium-ion battery recycling market, RecycLiCo Battery Materials and its RecycLiCoPatented Process aim to promote a circular economy for the lithium-ion battery supply chain and set the standard for high recovery and purity of cathode materials from spent lithium-ion batteries,” said Larry Reaugh, President and CEO of RecycLiCo Battery Materials.

With the increasing “electrification of everything,” the demand for mined battery raw materials has tightened the lithium-ion battery supply chain even as the end-of-life of first-generation hybrid and electric vehicles raised questions about the adverse environmental impact of spent lithium-ion batteries. RecycLiCo Battery Materials was early in recognizing these growing problems, and adapted its Intellectual Property focus to transform these problems into huge opportunities with their patented lithium-ion battery recycling process.

RecycLiCo is the culmination of this process, as the Company finds it important, for investors and potential business partners, to distinguish the Company’s mining assets from its breakthrough lithium-ion battery recycling innovation.

The RecycLiCoPatented Process is currently being tested on a pilot plant scale and has achieved high extraction results as announced by the Company’s April 12, 2019 Press Release. Following completion of the pilot plant project, RecycLiCo Battery Materials plans to commercialize its operation with a joint venture partner or via licensing agreements.

“I am extremely proud of RecycLiCo Battery Materials’s innovative growth and foresight into expanding markets. We plan to keep investors and potential business partners informed of our exciting developments with the RecycLiCoPatented Process,” said Mr. Reaugh.

About RecycLiCo Battery Materials
RecycLiCo Battery Materials is a critical metals company focused on the recycling of lithium-ion batteries with the  RecycLiCoPatented Process. The process provides high extraction of cathode metals, such as lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, and aluminum at battery grade purity, with minimal processing steps. RecycLiCo Battery Materials aims to commercialize its breakthrough RecycLiCo Patented Process and become an industry leader in recycling cathode materials from spent lithium-ion batteries.

On behalf of Management

RecycLiCo Battery Materials

Larry W. Reaugh
President and Chief Executive Officer

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